About Me

My name is Shahera, and I am a second year BA Social Work student . I came here straight out of college and I am proud to say I am the youngest in my class and I love it. I am super organised got my diary, plan the night before, get everything ready, ironed and packed but #foreverlate to everything and anything important.
My course is really intense so I don’t get much time to myself but any time I do get I spend out. Going out, eating out, out with friends and family, anywhere but home! I love food, I am a passionate foodie, I love to eat, and anyone who knows me well will tell you I love food. I love cake and anything sweet! 
I also love watching films - I’ve got an Cineworld Unlimited Card, so I can watch all the new films all the time, anything new that’s come out I’ve probably watched! And the Baskins Robbins Ice Cream they sell is just the BEST!
I want to travel and I am adamant that I will find the time to travel whenever and wherever I possibly can so you can look forward to hearing about my weekend dashes to random places!

Hopefully, in a couple months I’ll have exciting news for you all, so keep an eye out! But for now Goodbye and Good Luck on your courses guys!

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  1. Guess Whoooo :D

    Sooo I've Just Taken The Time To Read Your Blog Posts And I Love Them! Especially The Barcelona One :P

    Lots Of Love,