Monday, 26 January 2015

Romantic week out…

So I decided I needed a week off from the stresses of life, just a week where my boyfriend and I could enjoy ourselves without the stress of working, studying and anything else… Here’s how the week went…

The original plan was:

Monday: Watch American Sniper, Into the Woods and eat at Las Iguanas and a walk down the riverside
Tuesday: Bowling and Nandos
Wednesday: Go to the Science and Natural History Museum and go to have Afternoon Tea at Haagen Daaz and go to M&M world
Thursday: Watch Ex Machina, go to Nandos and a ride on the cable cars
Friday: Go sightseeing, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, China Town and check out this cute little candy place in Covent Garden called Spun Candy, go out for dinner and go for shisha.
Like I mentioned that was the plan… to be fair most of it went to plan, but some of it didn’t…

So Monday we ended up watching the films we wanted to and had a better experience at Las Iguanas then the last time! It was surprisingly quite nice… American Sniper literally bought tears to my eyes, it was a really sad film to see that someone who gave up their life for the American People survived 4 tours then died at home… but then again I’m a sucker for a sad story.

Tuesday, we decided to stay home and have a nice relaxing day in watching movies on Netflix and ordering in. Pizza+ movies + a nice cuddly blanket = heaven! But watching Saw, The Woman In Black and scary ghost films! Not my thing!!

Wednesday we decided to go on a Museum crawl and visited quite a few places, we went to the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the V&A to see the wedding dress exhibit. We walked for hours and hours but I got this really yummy rock from the Natural History Museum! We were then meant to go to Haagen Daaz but we decided to be fatties and go for Pizza Hut instead! My feet were aching from all that working that we couldn’t even go out on Thursday!

Friday we decided we’d head into West London, we said before we left - No Shopping! But lets face reality here we both knew that we would end up shopping regardless, so we went shopping, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Selfridges then down to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods! I bought a load of Perfume and Clothes! We then visited the Dodi and Diana Memorial, surprisingly it’s quite a romantic place!

AND I GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF LOUBITONS! AAAAAH, but sadly the first day I wore them they started to wear down! And I got some Macaroons! £15 for a box of 8, I could have bought so much food with that £15… I’m wondering if it was actually worth it or not!

Saturday was my little sister’s birthday. I made a balloon arch complete with fairy lights. I think I should seriously become a party planner! I love decorating things and getting into creative things! After all the cake I have had during the past couple of weeks I am pretty much SICK of cake, I know I know, everyone that knows me knows I don’t get sick of much, but too much cake, I would rather have a kebab to be honest lol! But my aunt cooked us all tandoori and jerk chicken, suffice to say my nose was running all day!

Sunday… usually Sunday is my chill out day but today my boyfriend mentioned he wanted to go out so I thought we’d go somewhere he’s never been but has been dying to go to… DUN DUN DUUUUN -- The Zoo!

But before the zoo we went to Wafflemeister! OH MY GOD the best tasting thing ever, it was so nice it was unbelievable! Strawberries, cream and sprinkles! AMAZING!

The zoo was a lot of fun, even on a cold Sunday! My boyfriend was like a child in a candy store, he was so excited that I thought he was going to explode. He was seriously so excited! There was a monkey exhibit where the monkeys roam free and he was loving it! And the baby tiger cubs and the goats! We looked at every single exhibit they had on an empty stomach! We didn’t want to lose any valuable time!

But then sadly 4pm hit and we had to leave! So I decided he deserved a present, so we went back to Harrods and I let him loose in Gucci and afterwards we went to have dinner!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday, a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Lots to talk about today..

First topic of conversation is dum dum dummm... My Birthday.. Lets start off with lots of cake and parties! The first one was a meal with all of my family (Daddy’s side). There were too many people as we took up a whole side of the restaurant, but it was so much fun with all of my cousins, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews!

Too many children and lots of presents, some well needed family bonding time! Second party with the other half of my family (Mummy’s side) it was so much fun, very intimate lol and even more cake than I could imagine. In fact there was too much cake for the amount of people there!

And the third party was with my love <3 - my lovely boyfriend threw me an amazing party, lots of balloons, pretty decorations, music, friends and my much loved Mojitos what else could I ask for. But then I got caked ¬_¬

All over my face, was not a pretty site but managed to fix it in time to chill with the ever growing amount of guests we had. And then I got the flu and was so ill I couldn’t sleep at night (brings out the violins) and I’m still ill more than two weeks later!

Luckily people seem to be nicer to people who are ill, my Barista in Starbucks was so nice! I wanted some honey lemon tea, you mix honey, lemon juice and some hot water and hey presto, so it turns out Starbucks have honey that you can have for free with a purchase so I asked for a tea without the teabag, she gave me the tea (which was basically a cup of hot water which cost £2.10 ¬_¬) and then gave me some teabags and honey pots to take home! Which I thought was just too sweet!

Unfortunately it has not curbed my addiction to Baskins Robbins Ice Cream! THEY BROUGHT BACK AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY CAKE! AHHH if you saw my face you would think I just hit the jackpot! I was really hoping that they would and they did and I’ve eaten so much that I will probably be sick of it next time I have it LOL!

Until the next time..

S x