Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New job :) and celebrating in Covent Garden

Hey again guys!

Hope you've all been good, soooo I have some news! I've got a new job! Not going far from the Enquiry Unit, only upstairs to the International Office! But a new battle nonetheless, I am hoping to learn lots of new things and work with lots of new people, so hopefully the change will be good.. but this may be my last blog for a while… I know Que the violins (plays soft sad music in the background)

But anyhoooo to celebrate my new job, my better half decided to take me out for the day! One stress free day with no university, work or life to worry about!

So we started our day by going into Central London, specifically Covent Garden, we went to this lovely little restaurant called Steak and Co! The food was lovely! He had a steak and I had chicken as always! But it was lovely we sat near the doors so the lovely cold wind came in.

The steak was cooked rare but came on a heated slab which meant I could cook it properly (because I don’t like anything being red or ‘partially cooked’ so I tried a little and surprisingly it was quite nice!

I had a chicken skewer hanging over chips which needed a bit of seasoning but was yummy nevertheless!

Anyway we then went down to Haagen Daaz which was like a 5 minute walk down, and I had a summertime cone and he had some Nut concoction! And some milkshake and non-alcoholic drink that I forgot the name of already ¬_¬

There is this little shop just near Covent Garden called Spun Candy, and oh my is it fabulous! They make all their hard rock candy in store, you can even get them personalized! Which is amazing and you can taste different flavours too! I must warn you though some are nicer than the others!

We then went for a little bus journey down to Embankment and walked down from the Millennium walking bridge down to Namco Funscape where we proceeded to spend all of our money on the crab claw machine ¬_¬

And thus ends my celebration day!

I think I will continue to blog.. but we’ll see how it goes…

Hopefully not ...Goodbye!


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bad food trip

Hey there!

So since my last blog I’ve done a LOT of relaxation and shopping!

I took my little sister and my hubbys little brother to Westfield the one in White City.. There are not many kid-friendly places to eat there so we settled for Pie and Mash and the boys settled for some sort of Mexican wrap concoction.. Then the kids wanted ice cream so we went to Snog! First time ever might I add and quite possibly the last!!

It was horrid and overpriced I would take Ben and Jerrys or Baskins Robbins ANYDAY! The worst thing was the kids didn’t even finish the ice cream and only ate the toppings! Apart from leaving a dent in my bank balance it was a nice day overall! Sunny, but not too hot so perfect I would say, mainly because I hate the sun and heat (Winter baby you see)..

A couple days later we decided to try Bubbleolgy whilst at Westfield Stratford.. everyone including my aunt had been bigging it up like it was the next best thing to sliced bread. It wasn’t. It really was not! It was actually so bad, so so bad, words can’t even describe. The little black balls at the bottom were just gross.

We then decided to try some Thai food in Westfield. It wasn’t very nice to be fair, but I tried. Miserably but at least the lady at the till was nice, I’m pretty sure it was called Rosa’s but not my cup of tea unfortunately!

But on the plus side I went into Lush and bought some lovely skin products! They don’t smell lovely but they’re doing wonders to my skin at the moment. All natural and all that too!

But sadly this is the end of my blog for today, I think I’ll have some bittersweet news the next blog if all goes well, or not well whichever way you take it.

See ya x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Exams, essays and more Cinderella

Hey Guys!

I haven’t done much the last couple days! Unfortunately exams and essays have been preoccupying me! But I went to watch Cinderella twice before university life caught up with me! But it was amazing both times. The first time with my best friend and the second with the little ones!

I don’t think I could sit through it again though, not with Avengers coming out tomorrow!

Anyway, I’ve been told that my blog is turning into a foodie blog, so I would hate to disappoint! We were recently in Oxford Street doing shopping as you do.. and we thought lets go out for some lunch, so I googled Halal places around Oxford Circus, we found a place called Tasty Lebanon, the food was good, but the customer service was horrid!

I had falafel and hummus to start and a chicken sheesh (I think it was) as my main, my partner had what was supposed to be a lamb kebab roll, which pretty much wasn’t! The man made no effort whatsoever to wrap the wrap! And to top it off he made us get up to get our food ourselves! When he went and gave everyone else there food to their tables!

Anyways bad food service aside! Me and my little sister made a cake! The first one in a while, I tried my best to make it ombre, I’m not sure if you guys can see it! But it tasted quite nice! Layered with chocolate and cream.. YUM!

But anyway until the next blog, which will include more yummy food!

Goodbye xx