Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hiya Guys,

My first teaching term is almost over, my placement is coming up in less than 20 days! I feel quite excited but also scared at the same time. I feel like this year’s teaching has been super intense, 5 days a week! But on the other hand it has also been really helpful in teaching us skills and theories that for the first time in forever actually make sense! They really are applicable to me and the course and the job that I will hopefully get at the end of my degree! I’ve had loads of hand-ins recently but I have been on top of them all, organising myself to make sure I leave plenty of time to check and recheck for mistakes.
Aside from being at University 5 days a week, I feel I deserved to splash out and splurge on myself so I’ve done a lot of shopping! Stationary, clothes, shoes, bags, phones and more stationary shopping! I love stationary and colours as you can tell by the colourful diary and pens.

I’ve managed to make time to watch loads of new films, Gone Girl, TMNT and loads of others! And of course ate a LOT of ice cream! There are so many new flavours out but America’s Birthday Cake will ALWAYS be my favourite but they sadly no longer stock it at Cineworld, I will however go on a quest in search of it!
I’ve also been eating out a lot, looking back at my statement I’m wondering if it was worth it. The most worth it was Afternoon Tea at Haagen Daaz, it was to die for! But they ran out of macaroons, I LOVE macaroons with a passion, but luckily I still got my macaroons from somewhere different! EEEEEK they are AMAZING! If you haven’t tried a macaroon before go try one now, they are better than anything ever!

I went to M&M world! It was like walking into a rainbow! There were so many colours and so many types of M&M’s, totally my favourite place on earth now :D 

Scratch that, that’s a lie my favourite place on earth is the London Aquarium, I find the animals so interesting, the penguins are SUPERDUPER cute! And the yellow-belly turtles! It never gets old (I frequently visit because my partner LOVES fishes and the aquarium and turtles) and walks down Embankment at night are romantic and all that, with the pretty London lights and Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament lit up at night.
I will sadly be leaving my lovely job at the Enquiry Unit until March because I’ll be out on placement! But I will continue to keep you updated over the coming months…

Until the next blog x

Friday, 10 October 2014

My First Blog!

Hi guys as you can probably tell by my title my name is Shahera I am studying BA Social Work! Trust me it is not as boring as it sounds. University life is a LOT different from what I thought it would be, it literally just flies by. It feels as if I only started yesterday, but now I’m going into my second year of Uni. It really does go by in the blink of an eye.

When I walked in the first day everyone was quiet and shy, looking back on it now, it was because nobody knew how anyone was, what their likes and dislikes were or if they were mean people! I’m the baby in the class, the youngest out of everyone, when everybody started talking about their experience; I was scared they all had so much more experience than me, what chance did I have of passing the year?

Now, I could not imagine my life without them, they are literally my family. They take care of me, make sure I have completed my coursework, they even wake me up on time and most of all they are always there to help, even at 12 in the night! 

The course itself is intense, a LOT of reading, researching, more reading, more reading and lots of colourful notes (I love using colours, colour coding, buying stationary – it’s become an addiction), hard work, late nights, non-existent social life and early mornings paid off! Because I passed. Yaay :D. 

TIP: Do NOT leave coursework until the day its due, make sure you’ve done it in advance or you won’t get enough sleep and trust me you need your sleep! 

TIP: KEEP ORGANISED! Make sure you buy a diary and update it every day otherwise things will slip your mind and you’ll start forgetting things, a phone can get lost but if you have it in a diary and get used to constantly checking it, it will help a lot!

But contrary to popular belief I haven’t just been sitting round lazing this summer, I secured a job with the University of Greenwich Enquiry Unit working in clearing, so if you’ve just come through clearing, I may have made your application for you!

It has been the best job ever. If you are attending this year, I would highly recommend applying for this job after University finishes, it really is rewarding and you get a decent pay out of it too! Which I am in need of because I am useless with my finances, 

TIP: don’t spend all your student finance in one go, make sure you keep an emergency pot, in University there is ALWAYS an emergency. 

TIP: Make sure you apply for your Oyster card in SEPTEMBER and don’t leave it till January like me, or you’ll end up spending more on travel than you need to!

This sadly is the end of my blog, but hopefully I’ll be back soon guys and dolls, until next time

Au revoir x