Friday, 27 February 2015


I think I’ll talk about food this month lots and lots of food..

Some would say that it is stress eating but I just like eating food and things I shouldn’t! Chinese has been high on my list lately, I am really into eating Chinese at the moment, noodles especially! I think it’s all the Chinese New Year adverts and Hungry House sending me emails to order Chinese every other day!

Following on from that PANCAKE DAY! I always feel like eating pancakes 2 weeks before Pancake day and my pancakes came out round, like a roti LOL with everything possible Nutella, jam, lemon and sugar and honey! And my little sister has asked for them for breakfast every morning!

The famous Jerk Chicken Burger from Loaded Burger is amazing! I love eating chicken lol, fried or grilled. And their Mojitos are so nice I would definitely recommend them to you guys !

I recently went to try a place called Khana Kazana in Green Street, it wasn’t too bad I wanted to have the Chicken Chow Mein but they didn’t have it so I settled for a Chicken Tikka roll! Which was much needed after traipsing up and down Green Street looking at Wedding Dresses!

That night I felt like I ran a marathon! My feet were aching so my boyfriend treated me to some Macaroons and Elle and Brides magazine! The perfect combo with Scandal in the background! I’m on season 4 now by the way!

Just before Valentines Day we were sitting in the office having a laugh about how expensive things get and that me and my boyfriend don’t do anything cheesy on Valentines day well we don’t normally! But this time he bought me a heart shaped cooking and another Louboutin nail polish and a White Rose, it was red but red is too cheesy! And guess how much it cost? £10!! FOR ONE ROSE could have just gone to Lidl and bought 40 roses for that much ¬_¬

Anyways after that we went shopping for our weekly shop and obviously with Easter coming up all the easter eggs are coming out! And I think I saw the weirdest one ever! Marmite and Pot Noodles!
LOL who would buy them! But I'm pretty sure some people would they are just chocolate eggs after all LOL!

But anyway I need to stop talking about food and shopping now, I don’t think my account would appreciate anymore spending!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A series of unfortunate events (well not quite)

The past couple weeks I have been debating about what I should write my blog about this week, I have decided to share the unfortunate events that have happened over the last couple of weeks with you guys… Sounds worse than it is to be honest LOL.
Right where to begin.. As you all know I am a very proud Social Work student, I recently started my placement (well November) and I enjoyed it for the first couple of weeks, then it started going downhill… FAST!
They teach you what to do during your placement, how to do it, what to do if you have a problem, who to speak to… that would be your practice educator.. But what they don’t teach you is what to do when it all goes wrong.. This is what happened with me… things Snowballed swiftly…
I started to have issues to put it lightly, it started off with my placement learning agreement meeting.. you know in books like Of Mice and Men, all that foreshadowing you don’t even need to read the end or in films when something happens and your sat there thinking run away now don’t go towards the noise! That’s basically what happened, alarm bells started going off in my head, but I enjoyed it so I stayed and then came the day when I had enough, it wasn't working out so we mutually agreed it was better to not carry on the placement…
The university and my tutor was amazing! She sat through everything with me and was by my side to support me every step of the way! One thing I would recommend is that you should take full advantage of your tutors and make sure you keep them sweet! They will always be there to support and help you when you need them! So honestly make sure you go to them when you need help…
And then to top it all off, with the stress of my life and placement and uni, smarty pants here accidentally submitted my Law essay onto the originality part and didn't realise that I hadn't actually submitted it properly until a month later… so I am waiting to hear back in regards to that!
But I haven’t let it put me down and I will continue to work the hardest I possibly can and to the best of my capabilities regardless of what is happening and going on!
Anyway to continue on with my series of unfortunate events or fortunate, depends if you’re a glass half full or empty kind of person… we will be moving houses soon, as if my life wasn't stressful enough already! And to top it all off I just painted and wallpapered my room just to sell our house and move to a new one ¬_¬
All of these early mornings are killing me, I feel like there aren't enough hours in the morning to sleep! I recently started watching Scandal season 4, if you don’t know about it then it’s about this lawyer who is in love with the President of the United States but she is also this awesome Lawyer who wins all of her cases and stuff…
Anyhoooo, I started watching season 4 (The latest one) and I thought can’t do this, I need to watch it from the beginning or I’ve missed the whole plot! So I’ve started watching it from season 1, I am currently 2 days in and on Season 2 already! I really need to get some sleep and stop watching Scandal when I should be sleeping!
And the WORST in my 4 part series of unfortunate events has to be 50 Shades of Grey, it was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever watched in my life, I mean I knew it was going to be bad but not as bad as it was, we were literally sitting in the back laughing at how bad it was! On the plus side there were some good movies this month, American Sniper was really good! I think anyone and everyone should watch the film to understand how war can impact family lives and relationships.
Kingsman was really good, it was funny and really did live up to the hype! It was different, just when you thought one thing was going to happen another thing did, not your usual movie!
Anyway for now my series of unfortunate events has ended.. well probably not to be fair but it’s getting there…
And I am too tired to write anymore, so until the next blog…
Zàijiàn (Goodbye)

(Oh by the way I am also going to learn how to speak Chinese/Mandarin)