Friday, 27 February 2015


I think I’ll talk about food this month lots and lots of food..

Some would say that it is stress eating but I just like eating food and things I shouldn’t! Chinese has been high on my list lately, I am really into eating Chinese at the moment, noodles especially! I think it’s all the Chinese New Year adverts and Hungry House sending me emails to order Chinese every other day!

Following on from that PANCAKE DAY! I always feel like eating pancakes 2 weeks before Pancake day and my pancakes came out round, like a roti LOL with everything possible Nutella, jam, lemon and sugar and honey! And my little sister has asked for them for breakfast every morning!

The famous Jerk Chicken Burger from Loaded Burger is amazing! I love eating chicken lol, fried or grilled. And their Mojitos are so nice I would definitely recommend them to you guys !

I recently went to try a place called Khana Kazana in Green Street, it wasn’t too bad I wanted to have the Chicken Chow Mein but they didn’t have it so I settled for a Chicken Tikka roll! Which was much needed after traipsing up and down Green Street looking at Wedding Dresses!

That night I felt like I ran a marathon! My feet were aching so my boyfriend treated me to some Macaroons and Elle and Brides magazine! The perfect combo with Scandal in the background! I’m on season 4 now by the way!

Just before Valentines Day we were sitting in the office having a laugh about how expensive things get and that me and my boyfriend don’t do anything cheesy on Valentines day well we don’t normally! But this time he bought me a heart shaped cooking and another Louboutin nail polish and a White Rose, it was red but red is too cheesy! And guess how much it cost? £10!! FOR ONE ROSE could have just gone to Lidl and bought 40 roses for that much ¬_¬

Anyways after that we went shopping for our weekly shop and obviously with Easter coming up all the easter eggs are coming out! And I think I saw the weirdest one ever! Marmite and Pot Noodles!
LOL who would buy them! But I'm pretty sure some people would they are just chocolate eggs after all LOL!

But anyway I need to stop talking about food and shopping now, I don’t think my account would appreciate anymore spending!

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