Thursday, 27 November 2014



My Blog has come quite late this month as I have been absolutely SWAMPED with work on placement. I am enjoying working here so much, learning new things everyday and experiencing new things. I have met so many professionals that I will no doubt cross paths with when I become a Qualified Social Worker ^_^

On the bright side, I start at 10 EVERYDAY and it only takes me 30 minutes to get there, so that means enough sleep and no stressful nights trying to complete work for the next day. My social life however, has gotten more interesting, I have a lot more free time after work to go out, eat out, and watch films and best of all eat lots of desserts!

I have eaten out so much in the last few weeks I am pretty sure that I haven’t used any dishes in my house! Wake Up, Work, Eat, Work, Out to the Cinema/ Out to eat, Home, Sleep. Same routine every day and I love it!

I’ve been to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The Imitation Game, Nightcrawler, and The Nativity 3: Dude where’s my donkey? This was quite possibly the funniest and the worst film I’ve ever watched in my life, if you’re feeling down cause of life or coursework overload, go watch it, it is guaranteed to have you laughing just because of the storyline and acting. And of course a million reruns of Frozen!

My little sister’s birthday was this month and it was an absolute Frozen-fest, Frozen dress, Frozen cake and Frozen balloons. I have eaten so much cake and dessert and pies in the last couple of weeks that I could have opened up a shop! *drools* and more strawberry Mojitos!

I’ve been to a million and one weddings this month, even two in a day some weeks! Wedding season is hopefully coming to an end this month though, I swear I am running out of clothes to wear now! Wedding food seems to be improving, not that I eat anything past the starters anyway LOL!

Skills London 2014: Was AMAZING, it was so fun to work and represent the University of Greenwich! I also found my best friend working for our rivals Westminster! I have known her since I was 3 years old! Almost 17 years now :D

But anyway back to Skills London, it was so fun; there were so many different stalls, so much free cake and cookies and food! It was a really fun day doing what I do best, TALKING!

December the month of sales, Christmas and the most important event of the year, MY BIRTHDAY ^_^ There’ll be lots of pictures next month

Until the next blog…

Monday, 17 November 2014


Hiya Guys, I have exciting news for you all! I have just been on my first weekend dash away…. The destination this time was BARCELONA!

The first day we got there, not even an hour after we landed we were in need of emergency services! My friend had collapsed with stomach pain on the floor in the middle of the airport, all eyes were on us! Luckily it was nothing serious just a cramp and we went back to our hotel to settle in! What did we have for dinner? MCDONALDS! LOL some things never change..

It was absolutely beautiful; we did so much in such a small amount of time! We went sightseeing, ate lots and lots of food and went to the beach! We had 4 seasons in 4 days, sun, wind, thunderstorms, cloudy weather and lots of rain!

We went bike riding through Barcelona, to the beach at night time, because we woke up late every day! But it was still nice to relax and take romantic walks down along the beach near the water with the pretty Barcelona lights behind us.

We also visited Port Olympic, where there are over a hundred boats docked, and a whole strip of bars, restaurants and shisha lounges, which we obviously visited the shisha lounges not the bars :P I drank the most amazing non-alcoholic mojitos EVER! And I got the prettiest red roses ever!

We went for dinner in The Arena, where they used to do Bullfighting, we went up to the rooftop and the views were absolutely stunning!

We visited the Placa de les Cascades, which looked amazing, sadly the fountains were off, none the less it still looked beautiful during the night and the Sagrada Familia which was the first place I wanted to visit! But there was a thunderstorm the morning we went to visit which was not so fun to get caught up in.

The people in Barcelona were amazingly friendly, the amount of times we got lost and had to ask random people for directions, and they drove us all the way to the place! The only words in Spanish I know are Ola, Adios and Gracias but there were a lot of Asian people, who knew speaking Urdu would come in handy!? Thank you very much Star Plus! 

We went for dinner in Las Ramblas, which is a whole strip of outdoor restaurants and souvenir shops, it was the most amazing little Turkish restaurant even, the food was amazing, and sadly very expensive! We got caricatures done, which I must add look nothing like me LOL but it was still funny to see!

The last day, we went to do a bit of shopping, and went bowling with our personal tour guide and chauffer Bablu Bhai (my friends cousin brother) and we were almost late for our flight, we got to the airport within 15 minutes and ran to the bag check in desk, checked in our bags and ran to make sure we didn’t miss our plane! Luckily we made it to our plane on time, the views from the plane were beautifully stunning, all the bright lights and being able to see the clouds! ….Then we came back to London just in time for the rain!

I still feel jetlagged while I write this blog, and it is also my last day working for the Enquiry Unit for a while, I’ll be on placement from Monday L

Until the next blog Adios x