Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mother’s Day, Apps and Misc.

So following on from my last blog, I left it at Alexandra Palace… It also happened to be Mother’s Day. Now we don’t usually do anything for Mother’s Day because my mum doesn’t care much for presents and things ¬_¬

So I decided I’d just buy some flowers… 6pm on a Sunday night ¬_¬ there was pretty much no flowers whatsoever near Alexandra Palace apart from a little £3 bouquet for Morrisons, so I thought I’ll just grab it, if I find something later then I’ll just mix them, if not at least I’ve got something.

So we started making our way back home, then I walked into Co-op and I found flowers! Not a lot but flowers none the less, I grabbed the pinkiest punch I could, which was tiny and overpriced but together with the bunch I had already bought it seemed decent! I picked up the cutest little tea-for-one set I could and made my way home..

My little sister who is 4 years old was asleep ¬_¬ which was pretty annoying seeing as she told me to buy my mum something in the morning, so I woke her up and got her to pick up the flowers and take it down to my mum, she then proceeded to fall back asleep..

The next morning we had Morning Tea... It was quite nice and she now calls it ‘Special Breakfast’ which she enjoys a lot! But what’s more exciting is that CINDERELLA is coming out!

1 day! It’s my favourite book ever! So I’m planning on watching it no less than 3 times! Once on Friday then with my baby sister and my boyfriends baby sister too!

But I’ve still got essays and essays to do! So Boo for me! I think I need a holiday ASAP!

Maybe in May….

Until next Month xxx

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